There is always room for an ‘advocaatje’

I guess you’ll have to be of Dutch origin to know what it is that I am talking about! So let me explain:

Advocaat is a glorious, traditional, egg based, creamy liqueur that always takes me (and probably some fellow dutchies too) back to when I was little; the ladies would have this on festive occasions. My grandmother allowed me a teaspoon (or two) at times, and I loved it.

Over the years it lost its popularity and became kind of an old people’s thing. Until a few years ago my dad -quite a good amateur (pastry) chef himself, who taught me many (if not most) things regarding cooking and baking- came across a recipe for this forgotten delicacy, by the hand of pâtissier Cees Holtkamp. Now this man is a pastry l e g e n d.

My dad modified the recipe a bit to personal liking and taste, and passed it on to me. Lucky us! We now get to enjoy this treat as often as we want to in this house! And trust me, there is always room for an ‘advocaatje’.

So, how to make this 😌:

Whisk (by hand) together 250 grams of eggyolks, 250 grams of sugar, the scraping of an entire vanilla bean, a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and 275 to 300 grams of good vodka in a heat resistant bowl until mixed.

Continue the whisking placing the bowl ‘au bain-marie‘ until the mix reaches 65 degrees centigrade (place a thermometer in the fluid and monitor carefully, do not exceed 65 degrees or the eggs might scramble), and take it off the heat.

Place the bowl in icewater to cool it down quickly, but not for longer than a minute.

Pour the mixture through a sieve, through a funnel, into a bottle (that has a screw cap), stirring while pouring .

A bottle with a wider neck will work best.

Leave to cool and then refrigerate. You can keep the liqueur up to 20 days or so (although usually it’ll be finished long before that 🙃)

Serve with unsweetened whipped cream on top and a dash of nutmeg as a finish.

Pure joy!