The best tuna salad. Ever.

I probably make this salad with a kick 🌶 every week or so, because it is one of my winners, and really perfect for any occasion.
As a little side dish for when having a bbq, or as a super delicious spread for a tuna melt sandwich*, this one will always be a favorite.

So here it is:

Mix together in a bowl:
1 diced medium size tomato
1 small (or half normal size) diced red onion

a small handful of diced jalapeño peppers
½ tsp paprika powder
,1¼ tsp curry powder (I use Natco)
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
2 cans of tuna flakes (preferably tuna in water, not in oil. Drained)

Gently spoon through 3 tbsp of good quality mayonnaise (I use Van Wijgaarden’s Zaanse Mayonnaise, from the Netherlands, but I guess we all have a favorite of our own. Still, try it when you see it, it is  👌🏻).

Season with fresh black pepper and salt to taste (please note that the curry powder has salt in it too, so be careful).

*the perfect tuna melt sandwich:
Use a slice of super delicious country bread, lightly toasted,
spread with tuna salad, top generously with cheese (Parmesan, or other matured cheese, like Old Amsterdam),
and place under the oven grill for a minute or two…